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Gravel is an attractive and versatile surfacing option for any space. Coming in a broad range of sizes, colours and stone types, gravel can enhance the look of any property, from traditional to contemporary homes and from residential to commercial buildings. If you want to install a gravel driveway, path, bed or other surface in the Bristol area, get in touch with Jack’s Garden Services Ltd. Our skilled team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your property.

Decorative and Functional Gravel Surfaces

One benefit of gravel is that it can be used for decorative and functional purposes. Depending on the type of gravel you choose, it can blend into the surrounding landscape, complement existing features or stand out as a focal point. You can also opt to have gravel as a solely decorative addition to your outside space, or place it in high-traffic areas where it will get a lot of use.

At Jack’s Garden Services, we provide gravelling for the following:

  • Driveways

  • Garden Paths

  • Public Paths

  • Flower Beds

  • Decorative Borders

  • Domestic Spaces

  • Commercial Spaces

We can supply any type of gravel you request to achieve your desired look and function. This includes different sizes to suit the intended use of the surface. For example, 10-14mm gravel is ideal for paths, while 20mm gravel is perfect for driveways. Some colour options include:

  • Black Basalt

  • Yorkshire Cream

  • Golden Gravel

  • Green Granite

  • Red Granite

  • Silver Granite

  • Panda Gravel

  • Polar White

  • Grey Limestone

A Professional Installation Service

We provide a start-to-finish service for your gravel installation. From the initial consultation and quote to completion, we undertake all aspects of gravelling, giving you a hassle-free landscaping solution. Using high-quality products and industry methods, we ensure your gravel surface offers superior performance and longevity.

Among other things, our installation service includes site levelling, preparing the sub-base, laying a weed membrane, installing a gravel grid, laying the customer’s chosen gravel and installing the customer’s chosen edging.

A Professional Installation Service

Gravel can make an excellent addition to any outside space. Compared to other materials, it is an affordable option for driveways, paths and other landscaped areas. Furthermore, it allows for natural drainage, so you don’t have to worry about pooling water or installing additional drainage. This makes it ideal for use around plants and practical surfaces like driveways.

Some other benefits of gravel include:

  • Available in a range of stone, size and colour options

  • Extra security (makes a sound when walked on)

  • Suitable for dry and wet conditions/areas

  • Low maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

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